Allyson Otis Portfolio
Allyson Otis | Senior Art Director + Visual Designer




Hearing loss has increased drastically in the U.S. due to improper use of headphones, especially earbuds. Bose, a leader in sound technology, will educate people about sound and provide tools to help them take control of their hearing. 

Bose new subway placement_860.jpg

In subway stations and other loud areas, we will place digital boards that provide up-to-date decibel level calculations. 

Subway new sign_bodycopy_860.jpg

The iPhone app can be used in conjunction with any headphones to determine whether or not you are playing your music too high. It will display the ambient decibel level, incoming headphone decibel level, and an overview of your sound history.

Bose iphone_april 18_860.jpg

My roles: Concept, Design/Art Direction
AD: Allyson Otis  CW: Scott Cleveland