Allyson Otis Portfolio
Allyson Otis | Senior Art Director + Visual Designer



The sole purpose of Nutella is to make anything it goes on more decadent, 
delicious, and unhealthy.  And we're proud of that. 

We will place signs around grocery stores to lead people to the Nutella aisle.

nutella ice cream_web_860.jpg

Because one jar is never enough, we'll offer cardboard six-pack carriers in stores
to help you transport all of your Nutella.

nutella carrier_web3_860.jpg

Everyone loves Nutella. Many Americans just haven't tried it yet.
So the Nutella-mobile will travel around and give people their first taste.

Nutella mobile_web_860.jpg
Nutella napkins_packets_web3_860.jpg

My roles: Concept, Design/Art Direction
AD: Allyson Otis  CW: Samantha Ridgeway